It’s been a really long time since the last Living Room Sessions house concert… so let’s change that!

Tina & Her Pony are heading back to Brown Deer for a night of great Indie Appalachian folk music! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 5 years since they have played here in Milwaukee, so you don’t want to miss this show (Yes, it’s a “school” night, but don’t worry, it’s worth it!)

If you’ve never been to a house concert before, you’re missing a really great time. House concerts are a little different than going to a concert at a music venue, so here are a few details to keep in mind:

  • First off, since this is at a house, a solid “yes” or “no” is greatly appreciated so we can have enough chairs and snacks for everyone.
  • The house is a completely shoe free house. Please be prepared to take your shoes off and leave them at the door. Slippers, extra socks, and shoe covers are available for you to use.
  • Music will start promptly at 7pm. Since this is an intimate setting, (and a “school” night 🙂 ) please try to be here on time. Comfy chairs are first come first serve, so get here early, have some snacks, and make some new friends!
  • Bands that play house concerts get paid solely from donations at the door. Please bring a cash donation if you are able. The suggested donation is $10-20, but give whatever you can. (And if you’re like me and don’t carry much cash, you can donate through paypal, facebook, or even credit cards)
  • Please feel free to invite additional friends, family or well-behaved strangers. 🙂 The more the merrier!

And if you still need some convincing, here’s a taste of some Tina & Her Pony music…

Critically acclaimed Midwestern songwriters!


Hold onto your socks, folks. Two amazing, internationally touring artists will be performing right here in Brown Deer!

Bob Walkenhorst

Legendary Americana songwriter Bob Walkenhorst of the Kansas City band The Rainmakers will bring his renowned songwriting to your eardrums in a solo performance you won’t want to miss.

Here’s a sample.

Jonathan Rundman

Born and raised in the isolated Finnish-American communities of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Jonathan Rundman has been writing songs and performing across the country since he was 18 years old. He emerged on the national music scene as a Chicago-based touring artist, generating rave reviews in Billboard, The New York Times, Performing Songwriter, Paste, and countless regional publications. Now living in Minneapolis, he continues to tour and record. Jonathan’s songs can be heard on radio stations across America, in Scandinavia and England, and have been featured on television’s Ellen Degeneres Show and CBS This Morning.

Nitty gritty details

  • The show is on Sunday, September 13th
  • Doors open at 6pm. Music starting promptly at 7pm (don’t be late. ok?)
  • The artists need to eat, so please bring cash (Suggested donation $15-20… or more if you’re so inclined)
  • Snacks and drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring something to pass if you’d like.
  • Seating is limited. Please RSVP on Facebook, or RSVP via email.
  • The house is now strictly a “no outside shoes worn inside” home. So please remove your shoes at the door. House slippers and socks are provided on a first come first serve basis.
  • There is a dog and a cat that live in the house. If you have allergies please be aware. We’ll clean the house well and keep the pets out of the concert area when guests arrive though.
  • Friends, family and strangers are always welcome. Just RSVP to let me know how many people you will be bringing
  • Also, if you’re like me and don’t typically carry cash around, you can also digitally send your donation via paypal:

  • The address is 8131 N. Green Bay Rd. in Brown Deer. Here is a map in case you need it.

See you on September 13th.

What a wonderful night of music! Thanks to everyone who came and especially Artemis and Reverend Screaming Fingers. Be sure to check out their music.

Here are the recorded videos from the live stream:

Set one: Artemis

Set two: Reverend Screaming Fingers

Encore: Artemis & Reverend Screaming Fingers

Join us for an evening of great live music, potluck and inspiring conversation.

Enjoy an intimate evening of original music riding the waves of dark and light with guitarist and composer Reverend Screaming Fingers (aka Lucio Menegon – Music•Noise•Art), and singer-songwriter Artemis, along with special guests Steven White and (our gracious host!) Tracy Apps.

There is something quite extraordinary about watching talented artists perform for a small audience in a private space – both for the audience and performers. If you have not experienced this, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. House concerts are a unique opportunity to experience music in a comfortable environment.

Doors open at 6:30pm, music starts at 7:30pm.

Timely arrival is appreciated. We will have two 45 minute sets of music with a break between for chatting and eating.

Donations of $10-20 per person suggested
All contributions go to the performers, to support their tour. You can also pre-pay online using paypal by clicking below:

Feel free to bring an appetizer, drink or dessert to share.

Seating is limited. Please RSVP on Facebook, or RSVP via email.

More about the musicians

REVEREND SCREAMING FINGERS (aka Lucio Menegon) is a composer, improviser and sonic artist that freely mingles angular riffs, subtle sounds and sheer noise with fucking awesome in-free-fall after jumping out of a capsule at-the-edge-of-space guitar work.

His work is rooted in old blues, country, punk rock, surf, spaghetti western soundtracks and has been described as Morricone composing surf music on Laudnum… performed at a secret opium den in the basement of CBGB’s. Big city chaos, desert expanses, long drives and forays into ambient textural spaces inform a fusion of traditional song structure and modern improvisation.

ARTEMIS is a New York native, California-based artist whose songwriting is a relentlessly genre-defiant exploration of science and sensuality, etymology and emotion, the natural and supernatural. In live performance, she layers looped vocals to build skeletons of textured harmony and quirky rhythm, adding naked timbres of piano, guitar, flute, and ukulele, alongside various electronic devices. Floating above and weaving together this simple yet sophisticated palette, the singer’s superpower is subtlety, from intricate inflections in a near-whisper, to the use of dissonance as counterweight in belted-out Bulgarian-style choirs.

Artemis recently released her ninth album, a 3-EP volume called Triptych, through the Oakland-based artist collective and label she co-founded, RTFM Records.

Artemis “presides over an aural slow-burn like one of Wim Wenders’ angels – warm, wise, detached, waiting for you….” – Ron Garmon (LA CityBeat, SF Weekly)

What a great show last night! (not to mention a rowdy bunch in the audience, as every house concert needs)

If you missed the show, here’s video recording from the live stream from last night. Enjoy!

set 1:

set 2: