Did you miss the show? Watch the recorded video from the show last night below… or check out the past shows page to view even more videos of past shows.

kira & emily – set one

kira & emily – set two

PS. there’s some photos over here

kira small & emily baker’s “tomayto / tomahto” tour

Hold on to your socks folks, this is gonna be an amazing show. We will be having TWO amazing singer/songwriters (from two different countries, mind you) here at the tapps estate to assault your eardrums with so much amazing you’ll puke rainbows.

Join us for an evening of music from Nashville-based artist, Kira Small along with Emily Baker, a singer/songwriter from Brighton, UK.

here’s a taste of these wonderful gals:

admission to the concert is a SUGGESTED DONATION of $10-20.
if you don’t want to worry about carrying cash, that’s no problem. prepay using paypal or credit card here:

so what are you waiting for? go RSVP for the show now!

Update: also, YES this show will be live broadcast here on livingroomsessions.com. stay tuned for more information!

another great show at the tapps estate. see the video below (or see all past video archives here)

Ready for another great show at the tapps estate? Come check out Nervous but Excited on Sunday, October 9th.

RSVP on facebook:

(if you’re not on facebook, please RSVP here)

admission to the concert is a SUGGESTED DONATION of $10.
if you don’t want to worry about carrying cash, that’s no problem. prepay using paypal or credit card here:

about nervous but excited:

“Ahhhh…organic and rich like good soil…makes me want to listen and hear it grow. The songs are honest and dimensional. It’s music to my ears.”
– Amy Ray, The Indigo Girls

This Michigan-based pleasantly aggressive folk duo is a unique harmony built upon two songwriters singing genuinely crafted stories with three guitars, a mandolin, a violin, a ukulele, a harmonica, vaguely choreographed dancing and a glockenspiel. Road warriors to the core, their endless passion has landed them on stages with folks like Ani Difranco, Iron and Wine and Utah Phillips. Their live show will bounce you through a variety of emotions, always keeping you guessing which is next. You might cry, you’ll definitely laugh, and they hope you’ll leave feeling that your heart has grown just a little larger.

And this is what nervous but excited sound like:


NBE’s latest release is their most exploratory volume of work to date. “You Are Here” combines song writing finesse with a lush, yet edgy aesthetic. The release is just as enticing as those previous with a certain added, though understated, sense of both longing and adventure that shows this band is not willing to sit still. True to form, the songs are still infused with an earthly charm and a genuine sense of locality and experience, full of the kind of rawness and sincerity that most bands don’t dare attempt. Riding the same lines as Kate and Sarah’s vibrant personalities, “You Are Here” hosts are variety of styles throughout it, from the traditional Americana of Ohio to Michigan to the Pop-Folk of Puppeteer, OneFourThree and Blank Pages to Indie-Folk of Hiding Out finally to the Sultry Soul that is No Telling, there is something on this disc for everyone. NBE has even tossed in a humorous song, crowd favorite Happiest We’ve Ever Been, about the stereotypes of a certain sub-culture that they happen to exist within.

“You Are Here” features instrumentation by NBE band members Susie Giang and Murray Stewart-Jones as well as guest appearances by some of the best Michigan talent including Chris Bathgate, Frontier Ruckus, Theo Katzman, Erin Zindle (The Ragbirds), Mike Lynch (Kid Rock) and Kaylan Mitchell (The Juliettes).

thanks for everyone who attended the show and birthday party extravaganza on may 20th! if you missed the concert, check out the recorded video of steve & lobelia here!

also, stay tuned for the next show. plans are already in the works for another show or two. 🙂 yeah!

House concert & Birthday Party – May 20th – doors open @ 6:30 PM

Steve Lawson & Lobelia are coming back to the tapps estate for a third time! These two amazingly talented–and nerdy– London based musicians have an impressive collection of solo, duo, trio and full band work under their belt. Come hear what it sounds like when a solo bass player and a singer/songwriter combine their powers. (hint: it’s awesome music!)

If you want to know what to expect from a Steve & Lo concert, see the internets!

admission to the concert is a SUGGESTED DONATION of $10. please give what you can. all the money goes to the artists. so please help support independent musicians!

if you don’t want to worry about carrying cash, that’s no problem. prepay using paypal or credit card here:


since may 20th is my 32nd birthday, this is also combined with my BIRTHDAY PARTY! (cue audience applause & cheering)

so come hear some amazing music, and stay to socialize & party!

please RSVP as either YES or NO by Wednesday May 18th THE LATEST, so that i can be sure to have enough food/snacks/drinks for everyone!

welcome to the new “living room sessions” website. it probably will have a different layout at some point, but currently i’m too lazy to design something custom. 🙂