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What a wonderful night of music! Thanks to everyone who came and especially Artemis and Reverend Screaming Fingers. Be sure to check out their music.

Here are the recorded videos from the live stream:

Set one: Artemis

Set two: Reverend Screaming Fingers

Encore: Artemis & Reverend Screaming Fingers

What a great show last night! (not to mention a rowdy bunch in the audience, as every house concert needs)

If you missed the show, here’s video recording from the live stream from last night. Enjoy!

set 1:

set 2:

what a great show by Tina & Her Pony! If you missed the show, here’s the recorded live stream. more photos and video will be posted soon!

What a great show! Thanks to everyone for coming out to the tapps estate on a cold, cold night! If you missed the show, here’s the recorded video from friday.

Did you miss the show? Watch the recorded video from the show last night below… or check out the past shows page to view even more videos of past shows.

kira & emily – set one

kira & emily – set two

PS. there’s some photos over here

another great show at the tapps estate. see the video below (or see all past video archives here)

thanks for everyone who attended the show and birthday party extravaganza on may 20th! if you missed the concert, check out the recorded video of steve & lobelia here!

also, stay tuned for the next show. plans are already in the works for another show or two. 🙂 yeah!

welcome to the new “living room sessions” website. it probably will have a different layout at some point, but currently i’m too lazy to design something custom. 🙂